SIC Artificial Intelligence Course

Samsung Innovation Campus is offering a course entitled Artificial Intelligence Course – Data as Motivation in 2022. Learners enrolled in the course will gain a grasp of data science tools and applications, mathematical algorithms, AI modeling, and machine learning tools, and will learn how to use AI to do real-world problem solving. They will build practical experience in AI theory, design, and implementation, communicate results, and receive an industry recognized Samsung AI course certificate. Learners will also have opportunities to meet Samsung employees, industry leaders and field experts.

Learner Prerequisites:

  • Coding Experience
  • Prior experience in learning or using one or more object-oriented programming languages (e.g., Java, JavaScript, C++, etc.).
  • Prior experience with Python is required.
  • Understanding of probability and statistics fundamentals.
  • Students must reside in the U.S. in order to participate in this course.


The course consists of one live kick-off meeting and roundtable discussion with industry professionals, three one-week modules, and six two-week modules. Learners will participate in one live session in November 2022. Part 1 of the course will consist of three asynchronous modules in January 2023, requiring approximately four hours of time for each module. Part 2 will consist of six modules from February 2023 to May 2023. It is expected that learners spend about 6 hours per week with the content in Part 2 – 4.5 hours asynchronously and 1.5 hours synchronously with a facilitator. The curriculum will help learners experience machine learning tools and real-world problem solving with various exercises. Learners will also develop and present practical capstone projects.

Date Format Required Time Commitment
November 2022 Live 1.5 hours
January 2023 Asynchronous 4 hours/session
February-May 2023 Asynchronous/Synchronous 4.5 hours asynchronous/1.5 hours synchronous (7 hours total per week)